Cornish In A Turtleneck

  • Name:Cornish In A Turtleneck

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    Cornish in a Turtleneck was formed in 1997 by Ypsilanti, MI, high school students Tim Schreiber and Eric Oakes, and bassist Juan Garcia joined in 1998. The group mixed their affinity for psychedelic rock and pop with a basement four-track recording aesthetic. Cornish's lo-fi sound is part of their charm and uniqueness. Their CD packaging takes the DIY aspect a step further, incorporating plastic bags, duct tape, and Velcro. Cornish in a Turtleneck wears homemade pride on its sleeve and in its heart. Three formal full-length recordings, It's Broasted, Another Mediterranean Taste Adventure, and A Manifestation of Delicate Things That Go Beep?, were released between 1997 and 2001. Additionally, a 20-song booty music album, Collection of 20 Songs About Booties, showcased a few examples of the 100s of improvised booty songs performed live by the band. Cornish's output makes it clear that they're an eclectic band. There are heavy doses of influences as varied as Captain Beefheart, Of Montreal, T. Rex, and James Brown. Into this equation is figured Tim Schreiber's unique songwriting and singing style, an appreciation for cheap Casio keyboards and Gameboy-derived sounds, and a liberal use of effects boxes both in performance and production. Cornish in a Turtleneck's live show was something to behold. Visionary innovator Ray Burg used colored water and found materials on overhead projectors to produce a fantastic visual element which accompanied the band's often otherworldly sound. ~ Ben Tausig, All Music Guide Written by Ben Tausig

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