• Name:D.O.A.

  • Biography:
    It wasn't long before punk rock expanded beyond just New York City, London, and Los Angeles during the mid-late ‘70s, as evidenced by the emergence of the long-running Vancouver, Canada based outfit, D.O.A. Originally formed in 1978, D.O.A. has been led from the beginning by singer/guitarist Joe Keithley, aka ‘Joey Shithead,' who has been joined by a wide variety of other bandmates through the years (including future Black Flag/Danzig/Social Distortion drummer Chuck Biscuits), although guitarist Dave Gregg was present for much of the hijinx up until 1990. The same year as their formation, D.O.A. issued a debut EP, Disco Sucks, before following it up with a pair of full lengths that many longtime fans consider D.O.A.'s classic recordings, 1980's Something Better Change and 1981's Hardcore ‘81 (a popular compilation of both releases plus early tracks reared its head in 1984, as Bloodied but Unbowed). Since the beginning Keithley has been unafraid to voice his political opinions (a renown D.O.A. slogan among their faithful is ‘TALK-ACTION= 0'), which at one point, landed him in jail. D.O.A. would go on to sporadically issue albums throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s (including such highlights as 1982's War on 45, 1985's The Dawning of a New Error, 1993's Loggerheads, etc.). The group also found time to collaborate with another outspoken punk leader, former Dead Kennedys front man Jello Biafra, on 1990's Last Scream of the Missing Neighbors. Like Biafra before him, Keithley took the plunge and attempted to enter politics, running as a candidate in Canadian provincial and civic elections from the Green Party in 1996. Keithley also runs his own indie record company, Sudden Death Records, and issued an autobiography in late 2003, titled ‘I, Shithead: A Life in Punk.' D.O.A. continues strong to this day, as evidenced by such releases as 2002's Win the Battles. As a result of Keithley's hard work, D.O.A. is often name checked as an important influence by other hardcore/punk bands, including such notables as Green Day, the Offspring, Rancid, and Propagandhi, among others. ~ Greg Prato, All Music Guide Written by Greg Prato

  • Albums:
    From Outta Nowhere
    Live Free Or Die (Parental Advisory)
    From Outta Nowhere
    War And Peace
    Play It Over And Over Again
    Win The Battle
    Ghetto Rich
    Lost Tapes
    Festival Of Atheists
    Festival Of Atheists
    The Lost Tapes
    The Black Spot
    13 Flavours Of Doom
    13 Flavours Of Doom
    War On 45/Bloodied But Unbowed
    Greatest Shits (Parental Advisory)
    Talk Minus Action = Zero
    True (North), Strong & Free
    The Dawning Of A New Error
    Hardcore '81
    Something Better Change

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