• Name:G.B.H.

  • Biography:
    The influential, long-lived punk metal band G.B.H. rose to prominance in England during the early '80s when hardcore punk began inching toward heavy metal. Originally formed in 1979 in Birmingham, England, G.B.H. initially called itself Charged G.B.H. to differentiate itself from another band called G.B.H. The leather-clad, hair-spiked foursome began recording for the Clay label in the early '80s, releasing some singles before unleashing its influential debut album, City Baby Attacked By Rats, in 1982. City Baby's Revenge followed two years later in 1984, by which time the band had become one of the leading punk metal bands of the era. G.B.H. continued recording and releasing albums throughout the '80s, though its influence progressively waned as a new wave of bands such as Slayer emerged and pushed punk metal toward what became known as speed metal and, in turn, thrash. Despite its waning influence, G.B.H. soldiered on, recording new albums throughout the '90s and into the next millenium. By this point the band was often cited by both metal and punk bands as a huge influence, and a renewed interest in G.B.H.'s early recordings resulted. ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide Written by Jason Birchmeier

  • Albums:
    Cruel & Unusual
    Charged G.B.H: The Punk Singles 1981-84
    Ha Ha
    Live In Los Angeles 1988
    City Babies Revenge
    From Here To Reality (Amsterdamned)
    Punk Junkies
    Celebrity Live Style
    The Clay Punk Singles
    Live In Japan
    Church Of The Truly Warped
    From Here To Reality
    A Fridge Too Far
    City Baby
    City Baby's Revenge
    City Baby Attacked By Rats
    Leather, Bristles

  • Official Site:not available
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