The Turbo A.C. s

  • Name:The Turbo A.C. s

  • Biography:
    The Turbo AC's emerged from the streets of New York City in the early 1990s. Vocalist/guitarist Kevin Cole, drummer Kevin Prunty, and bassist Michael Dolan released a number of EPs and compilation tracks on various labels before issuing their debut full-length through Blackout in 1996. Damnation Overdrive showcased the AC's' adrenaline soaked punk&roll, a sound that kicked Dick Dale into the whiskey overdrive of Mötörhead, and slicked its hair back with engine grease. Constant touring honed the sound and spread the word; after a few more compilation appearances and a split 7" with the Hellboys, the band dropped Winner Take All, their sophomore LP, through Cacophone in 1998. For their next trick, the Turbo AC's signed with Nitro Records, but not before issuing another flurry of singles and comp. appearances. 2001's Fuel for Life LP became their Nitro debut, and was supported with more touring, both in dingy clubs and on enormous Warped Tour stages. The AC's returned in 2003 with Automatic. Produced by Blag Dahlia, mixed by Billy Milano, and issued concurrently by Bitzcore in Europe and Gearhead in the state, it was widely hailed as the band's most intense work yet. Like they had done from the very beginning, the Turbo AC's supported the effort with an exhausting run of live dates. ~ Mike DaRonco&Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide Written by Mike DaRonco

  • Albums:
    Avenue X
    Damnation Overdrive
    Fuel For Life
    Winner Take All

  • Official Site:not available
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