• Name:W-Vibe

  • Biography:
    The W-Vibe formed in the Detroit area in July 1997 when Joe Hornacek and Dan Augustine joined forces to create a unique brand of computerized pop. They played their first live show in February 1998 at Detroit's Gold Dollar. Hornacek, formerly of Michigan band Vent, instantly clicked with Augustine, the duo's primary songwriter and vocalist. The pair shared musical duties, combining keyboards, drum machines, battery-operated toys and various computer-generated sound effects. W-Vibe's debut CD, Game Program, was released in 1999 by Davies Productions. The disc was recorded with producer John Davies. They were featured on Royce Music's Detroit Now 1.5 compilation in 2000. 2001 saw the release of the band's sophomore release, the Libra Action CD on Science of Sound Records. The CD was produced by Ross Miller, Cliff Simpson and Andy Toth. The band's unique and playful live shows, during which Hornacek and Augustine dress in blue jogging suits and aluminum foil-wrapped helmets, have always been the primary allure of the band. While most electronic bands are primarily studio acts, the W-Vibe made waves as a live band with performances with The Boredoms and Super Furry Animals, as well as numerous Detroit bands. In 2001 and 2002, the band hosted an electronic music festival in Detroit. Augustine envisioned a unique, electronic-fueled atmosphere at the concerts. Entitled, Transmissions of Binary Codes, the festivals included performances by W-Vibe, Mechanik, Winterbrief, Japanther, and 7000 Dying Rats. ~ Stephen Cramer, All Music Guide Written by Stephen Cramer

  • Albums:
    Libra Action
    Game Program

  • Official Site:not available
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