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    As a lowbrow, southern-fried, trailer park Simon&Garfunkel, it is astonishing how well these two men illumine the gay experience. It is really surprising that, performing as Y'all, they have gotten overwhelming positive and downright affectionate coverage for their stage act (performed by the six-foot three-inch Jay Byrd in his lucky green dress, and shirtless Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer in beat-up overalls) in both the gay and straight media. Their sound is a mix of rural Americana -- gospel, country&western, and bluegrass music -- performed hee-haw style with superb harmonizing. James Dean Jay Byrd is the son of a tent revivalist from Okey-Dokey, TX, and the nephew of a trailer home salesman/cross-dresser. His partner, Cheslik-DeMeyer, is a former corn farmer from Corn Flake, IN, and the 17th child of former Catholics. ~ Will Grega, All Music Guide Written by Will Grega

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